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ORGANIC Ginger Lemon Mushroom Tea

ORGANIC Ginger Lemon Mushroom Tea

SKU: 64312854

Reishi-Licious flavored teas are Organic Certified and Organic Compliant , as per USDA National Organic Program standards.

Reishi-Licious flavors are derived from essential oils, extractions,and essences, or they come from fruits ,barks, herbs, buds, roots, leaves, and other related plant ingredients. Our natural flavors do NOT contain gluten, artifical processing aids or preservatives, soy or MSG components synthetic solvents or emulsifiers.

REISHI-LICIOUS mushrooms are full spectrum using a proprietary process which guarantees found in all spices of mushrooms. They are certified 100% organic under USDA and EU regulations and are produced under good manufacturing practice (cGMP) . In addition , our mushroom species are DNA certified through the US National Institute of Health -National Center Biotechnology Genebank (NCBI)

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